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What is coaching?

Recently, coaching has gotten increasingly more attention, more and more people are making use of it and more and more people are (independently) working as a coach. This makes the following question increasingly more relevant: what exactly is coaching? Coaching is a form of guidance that is aimed at helping people develop. In this sense, coaching differs from counseling or therapy, which are aimed at treating a (psychological) problem. Coaching starts with a coaching question that usually focuses on an aspect of life that the coachee wants to improve. A personal plan is then developed to make the coaching as effective as possible.

Did you know? The term coaching is derived from the French (and later also English) word “coach” means a carriage to take people from one place to another. Driving this carriage was called “coaching”. Today, coaches still do this figuratively.

When can coaching be used?

Coaching can be used in many different cases, as long as there is a coaching question that has to do with learning new, or developing existing skills. Common exapmles of coaching questions are: “How can I further develop my leadership as a manager?”, “How can I maintain balance between my work and private life?” or “What next step should I take in my career?”. Every coaching question, and every coachee, requires a different approach. Which is why we at Gingermood have a community of more than 100 professional coaches, each with their own style and expertise. This allows us to find the best coach for every situation.

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What needs to be taken into account?

As previously mentioned, there are an awful lot of coaches working in the Netherlands. This can make finding a coach very confusing. Our community consists only of certified coaches who have received officially accredited training and education. This ensures the quality and professionalism of every single one of our coaches. In order to make coaching effective and enjoyable, it is important that the coach and coachee build up a good relationship. Which is why it’s important to find a coach that suits you. At Gingermood we do this for you. Using our online matching tool, we offer the smartest way to the best coach.

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