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Do you want to work on your personal development? You deserve a coach that really suits you. With our questionnaire and personal assistance, we'll find a coach that matches your wishes. We'll do the searching for you and send you the profiles of 2 of your coaches. You can meet them both, tell us who you'd like to work with, and we'll take care of the rest.

"Do you know a good coach for me?"

This is the question that started Gingermood, back in 2012. We believe that anyone who invests in personal development deserves an excellent coach that fits them well. This will make coaching even more effective. Not just any coach who happens to be available neaby, but one that really matches your wants and needs.

Do you suffer from stress? Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to work on your leadership skills? Or do you want to increase your sense of vitality? Our independent coaches have the skills and expertise to help you with these questions, and many more. They will happily help you reach your goals.

Coaching themes

Loopbaan coaching

Matching with the right coach

Various studies have shown that successful coaching relies on the ‘click’ between coach and coachee. Aspects like personality, values, and preferences regarding the coaching method are important. Our matchingtool is based on scientific research and uses objective data to match you with your ideal coach, while also taking the personal aspect into account. And with our 100% matching guarantee, we always provide the coach with the best ‘click’.

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The best coaches

Everyone deserves a good coach. From career coaches to team trainers, from leadership coaches to stress coaches. We have a network of independent and experienced coaches who meet our high admission criteria. Gingermood offers professionalization meetings and further training opportunities, so we know for sure that the quality in our coach pool remains high.

Completely secure

Gingermood - De coachmatchers - secure

Gingermood works according to the latest security standards and guarantees complete security and confidentiality. At Gingermood everyone has control over their own data.

How it works

Follow the steps below and find the coaches that suit you.


Sign up

Simply create an account and receive a link to complete the questionnaire.



Using the data from the questionnaire and a personal intake with a member of the Gingermood team, you’ll be matched to two suitable coaches.



Get to know the coaches and choose the coach you want to work with.

Smart extras for businesses


We provide a customized Dashboard for managers and HR so they can easily oversee the costs and results of the coaching that is provided to their employees.

Customized coach pools

Gingermood can advise and assist in creating a cutomized pool of coaches. This pool can consist of internal coaches, new external coaches, and Gingermood coaches. We’ll take care of the onboarding and matching.

Motivation testing

Intrinsic motivation is very important for succesful coaching. A motivation test can provide insight in the level of motivation. Invest in effective coaching.



Team coaching

The best performance is achieved by working together and developing as a team. Team coaching strengthens bonds within the team and helps identify objectives and ambitions for both the team and its individual members.

High Impact
Executive Coaching

Specially selected executive coaches for complex dilemmas and personal development questions.


Insights into personal and professional development

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Professional coaching in your organisation?

Start the professionalization of coaching in your organisation.

Want to look around first? Try the demo and experience our tools and expertise.

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Start the search for the coach that suits you best. After completing the questionnaire, a telephone intake follows, we will introduce two coaches to you.


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