Matching tool

How does the matching tool work?

Gingermood has developed a high-quality matching tool that helps you find the most suitable coach. Based on a evidence-based questionnaire that takes approximately 10-15 minutes of your time, we can make a selection of all suitable and available coaches for you. Curious how this works?

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The most important factor for successful coaching is the match between coach and coachee. With a unique matching tool, Gingermood looks beyond the coaching question. One aspect of this matching tool is a questionnaire where a coachee is matched to a coach based on dozens of variables, such as personality and cognitive styles.

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To make the right match, it is important to clarify the coaching question. This leads to a match with a coach with the right expertise, adjusted to each unique coaching question. To achieve this, we always advise choosing for an intake by telephone with one of Gingermood’s employees.

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Coach selection

The eventual connection with a coach can only be judged by the coach and the coachee themselves. That is why we organise introduction meetings with the two most suitable coaches, selected through the Gingermood matching tool. The coachee gets to decide with which coach he or she will start the trajectory.

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100% match guarantee

Based on the results of the questionnaire, our matching tool calculates which coaches best suit the coachee. In the intake by telephone, the coaching question is clarified and the type of coach that will be able to help with this specific question. If necessary, we will match again free of cost. This gives us a match guarantee of 100%. If you rather not have an intake by telephone, we will immediately propose two coaches with a match guarantee of 80%. This way you can always choose the coach with which you have the best connection.