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Gingermood - De coachmatchers - persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Personal development

Development is for everybody. Talking with somebody can be helpful with every life event; big, small, positive of negative. Gingermood believes that not only finding a coach, but finding the perfect coach is important. Together with a young and enthusiastic team, we strive to find the most suitable coach for everyone. Led by Dickey Pronk in Amsterdam Noord, we try to achieve this mission. If you would like more information about us, you can always contact us.

Gingermood - De coachmatchers - perfect match

The perfect match

The core of our service is making the perfect match. To find this perfect match, we use our unique matching tool, developed in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Comparing dozens of variables, this matching tool calculates which coach best matches a specific coachee. Our clients are big and small organizations, for who we manage the entire coaching process and their dedicated pools. We can also assist with questions about intervision or training. We regularly organize sessions and meetings for the coaches in our network. This way we can learn together and from each other.

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How Gingermood started

Gingermood’s history: “Do you know a coach for me?”
Gingermood was founded in 2012 by Barbara Martens. She believed that everybody who invests in development deserves an excellent coach; the coach that is perfect for you. Barbara founded Gingermood with the question “Do you know a coach for me?” to help people who were looking for a coach find the one that is most suitable for them as a person. She created a network with the best coaches in The Netherlands and together with the University of Amsterdam she developed a unique matching method. Unfortunately, Barbara passed away in 2016, but her passion, energy and vision live on in Gingermood.