What is leadership coaching?

The goal of leadership coaching is to further develop a person’s leadership skills and qualities. A leadership coach helps the coachee to further optimize his or her current leadership style or helps with learning new styles and skills. The wishes and goals of the coachee are central in this trajectory and the coachee learns to lead more effectively. The coach has expertise in various leadership styles and knows which style is effective in which situation. Learning and mastering different styles can make the coachee more confident and flexible at work. By combining styles, the coachee learns how to deal better with different situations.

When can leadership coaching be used?

A leadership coach can help develop different aspects of leadership. In this way a coachee can find out what his or her strengths are and how this can be used in the leadership; or a coachee can learn how to inspire and motivate employees. 

It might be possible that part of a team does not respond well to the current leadership style, so it may be time to adjust the style a bit. Good and effective leadership is a challenge and therefore it can be good to develop leadership skills with help of a coach, that is an expert in that field. A manager can develop and expand the ‘toolbox’ with leadership techniques and become a leader for the whole team.

What needs to be taken into account?

Although the coachee can learn new leadership styles and skills, it is important to remain authentic. This means that it is not advisable to use a leadership style that is the opposite of your own personality and values. Therefore a leadership coach will take the qualities of a coachee into account and challenge the coachee to have them reflected in his or her leadership. At Gingermood, our leadership coaches have a lot of experience and are true experts. Through our matching tool and a personal intake with a psychologist, we find the best suitable coach for you.

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