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Do you know your core qualities?

Leadership coaching helps you develop your strengths and overcome weaknesses. It’s about your character, your life experience, and how you put it to use in your leadership. When you’re in a leadership position, you should ask yourself if you’re also willing to let go. Are you able to encourage others to be the leader? And can you move from a directive style to a more accompanying style? Coaching and leadership show a lot of overlap in this area, that’s why this is referred to as a coaching leadership style. You increase the independence of your employees by coaching them and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves.

Are you looking for..

  • Good leadership
  • Useful conversational techniques
  • Your own talents and those of your employees
  • The next step in your career
  • Being more in control

What questions can a leadership coach help you with?

  • How can I encourage my employees to take responsibility?
  • How do I create support among my employees?
  • How do I stay vital and inspired?
  • How do I get the best out of my team and myself?
  • What happens consciously and unconsciously?

“As a newly appointed manager, my leadership coaches has helped me feel more like a leader.”

How can a leadership coach help?

By reflecting and gaining insight into your inner motivations and patterns, you strengthen your adaptability and you become more effective in dealing with others. Getting to know yourself and the other person means you can have a stronger positive influence. This is the foundation for your functioning and communication in your role as a manager. Leadership coaching helps you examine yourself and understand how your experiences impact your current position and role. You learn to set goals and you practice with new skills and behaviour.

Why get coaching via Gingermood

  • Always get introduced to two coaches
  • Unique matching
  • The best coaches


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