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Business coaching is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs and is usually given by coaches who have experience in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of independence and creativity and a business coach can provide you with new perspectives and (personal) growth. A good business coach provides you with inspiration and guidance for development.

Are you looking for..

  • New perspectives
  • Letting go of hesitant beliefs
  • Creative brainstorms
  • Focus in your company
  • Achieving your goals

What questions can a business coach help you with?

  • How can I take my business in a new direction?
  • I know I can get more out of my business, how do I gain new insights?
  • How do I formulate my objectives, mission and vision?
  • I’ve lost the balance between work and my personal life, how can I find it again?
  • How can I get an overview of all the things I want for my business?

“After starting my new company, I had lost the balance between work and my private life. My business coach helped me to find this balance again.”

How can a business coach help?

Business coaching helps you achieve your goals and helps you grow as an entrepreneur. Everyone has limiting thoughts that stand in the way and that can take the creativity and focus out of your work. A business coach can hold a mirror up to how you do things, and help you reflect and do things differently. This will teach you new approaches you can follow. By sparring with your coach and weighing options together you can gain new insights.

Why get coaching via Gingermood

  • Altijd twee coaches voorgesteld
  • Unieke matching
  • De beste coaches


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