Burnout coaching

Prevention is better than cure

Burn-out coaching

What is Burnout coaching

Always asking too much from yourself results in long-term stress and can cause burnout (symptoms). You feel less and less in control of the situation and you need more time to recover. Your body can start to show signs of tension. It’s important to recognize these signs in time. Burnout coaching can help you rediscover yourself and regain control. The aim is to reduce stress and a make a full recovery.

Symptoms of Burnout

  • Emotional and physical exhaustion
  • Feeling of incompetence
  • Can’t stand crowds or noise
  • Worrying and trouble sleeping
  • Excessive crying

What can you expect from burnout coaching?

  • Learn to recognize your biggest stressors
  • Learn to connect your head, heart, and body
  • Rediscover your strength and increase your resilience
  • Take back control of your life

“Through the sessions with my burnout coach, I was able to take control of my life again.”

How can a burnout coach help?

If you have long lasting stress complaints that you want to overcome, guidance from a specialized burnout coach is very important. They can offer you the right support so that long-term absenteeism can be prevented, or so that you can return to work responsibly. Our certified burnout coaches have had specialized training in treating burnout (symptoms). They know how your brain, nervous system, and hormones work in relation to these specific issues. They are, however, not medical professionals so when in doubt about the severity of your symptoms, it is recommended to also consult your general practitioner or company doctor.

Why get coaching via Gingermood

  • Unieke matchingmethode
  • Altijd 2 passende coaches voorgesteld
  • Persoonlijk én innovatief
  • Al onze coaches zijn gecertificeerd


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