My Coaching moment

Find a suitable coach quickly for an effective session.


Especially for pressing questions, an urgent dilemma or just for a listening ear, there is 'My Coach Moment'. An hour long online session whenever it suits you, no need to commit to an entire coaching program.

Find a suitable coach quickly

For whom?

Due to the impact of the corona crisis, many employees feel extra mental pressure. They have to keep  a lot of balls in the air. Do you notice that you have an urgent question or dilemma, or that you just need someone to talk to? And you don’t want to start an entire coaching program right away? ‘My Coach Moment’ is aimed at employees that need a helping hand. It is easily accessible and offers a session with a coach that suits you.

How does it work?

  1. During a short intake over the phone, with one of our psychologists, we match the employee with a suitable coach.
  2. The coach contacts the employee to schedule the (video) call.
  3. Coach listens to the employee and provides tips and tricks. After the session, the employee will have new energy and inspiration to get back on track.

For more information about My Coaching moment, please contact us at 085-0090357 or fill in the contact form via the button below.