Our story

Gingermood was created because founder Barbara Martens was regularly asked: “Do you know a good coach for me?”. She thought of coaching as an instrument to get to know and develop yourself better. And to do that most effectively, you should find a coach who suits you well. A coach that shares your values and that fits your personal characteristics.

Making the world a little better

This idea formed the foundation for Gingermood in 2012 and sparked the development of a scientific matching tool. This tool was developed in collaboration with a university and is based on scientific research. It consist of algorithms that can match coaches and coachees based on personal characteristics and preferences. After this tool was completed, a community of top notch coaches was created.


All this was completed in 2016, which is when Gingermood officially entered the market. Unfortunately, founder Barbara turned out to be terminally ill. She then asked Dickey Pronk, who is still part of our team today, to carry on her legacy and make Gingermood a success. All because she wanted to make the world a little better, even after she was gone.

Our mission

Gingermood is committed to making the best possible coaching available to anyone. We aim to inspire long term personal growth.

Our vision

A world where personal development and growth are central themes in the life of every individual.

Our story told


The name 'Gingermood'

‘Gingermood’ is an unusual name. First, the previous owner Barbara had ginger hair. In addition, ‘Ginger’ has a cleansing and refreshing effect. Coaching aims to have similar effects and to refresh and energize. And coaching sessions can be as sharp as a bite of Ginger. The second part, ‘mood’, literally has to do with your mood. Investing in yourself and your growth will put you in a positive state of mind.

Development for all children

Gingermood is a proud sponsor of the Youth Education Fund since April 2021. We do this because of our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and develop themselves. We aim for equal development opportunities for all. Not everyone gets equal opportunities to participate in society, which is why we believe supporting equality is important. Every time a Gingermood coaching trajectory starts, an amount of €5 goes to the Youth Education Fund. Children with fewer opportunities are supported in terms of resources and talent development. Curious? Read more on their  website.

Meet the team

Dickey Pronk


Janet van der Linde


Franka Boutkam


Johanneke van Agten

Coach advisor

Robin van Grieken


Rob Baltus




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