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What is lifestyle coaching?

With lifestyle coaching you learn to improve your lifestyle by eating healthier, exercising more, and making sure you’re well rested. You’ll learn how to implement and maintain this. Many people would like to lead a healthier lifestyle but quickly fall back into old habits. It’s difficult to maintain new habits. That is why the focus in lifestyle coaching is on lasting behavioral change. Making those habits fun plays an important role in this, because only then can you really keep up with those new habits.

Do you want...

  • A better quality of life?
  • To feel more energized and healthy?
  • More balance and calmness?
  • To keep up new habits?
  • To consciously manage your time?

What questions can you consult a lifestyle coach for?

  • How can I get more energy?
  • How can I break free from my unhealthy patterns?
  • I have negative thoughts. How do I get rid of these?
  • How do I learn to live more consciously?

“Through the sessions with my lifestyle coach I have started to live more consciously. I have started to exercise more and I feel more energetic.”

How can a lifestyle coach help you?

With your lifestyle coach you look at why you fall back into old habits. Perhaps a negative self-image is getting in the way, or you might be suffering from a past event that has never been processed. A lifestyle coach will help you with this and together you will set realistic and achievable goals. This is usually done in small steps it’s managable and fun. Your self-confidence grows, and you can change your behavior for the rest of your life.

Why get coaching via Gingermood

  • Unique matching method
  • Always get introduced to 2 suitable coaches
  • Personal and innovative
  • All our coaches are certified


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